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In the business world communicating is the key to success. Having a communication channel which is fast, easy to use is crucial. Ozeki Chat offers that. It is a versatile and safe way of chatting with your colleagues, and so much more. You can send files, highlight messages, make group chats and synchronize your SMS and E-mail contacts with your chat contacts, making an all-in-one chat platform. To get to know every feature of the Ozeki Chat please follow the links below. You will find step-by-step guides to every feature of the software.

how to add e-mail friends to your chat client
How to add e-mail friends to your chat client
With Ozeki SMS Gateway, you can merge your e-mail and chat contacts into one GUI, to make keeping in touch easier. You don’t need to check you e-mails, or deal with an unreliable e-mail notification system anymore. You will receive notifications of your incoming e-mails the same way you are while chatting with your contacts. You can also track the details of the delivery status of the messages you send.
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chat message status icons
Chat message status icons
In Ozeki Chat, you can follow you sent messages real time, with the message status icons. There are 3 of them. You will see a different icon while your message is waiting to be sent from your computer, when it arrives in the cloud, when it is delivered, when the recipient reads your message and when the sender modified the message after it has been sent. To get to know the icons, please follow the link below.
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how to modify a chat message
How to modify a chat message
If you misspelled a word in an important message or have send falls information to the recipient, Ozeki chat lets you modify the messages, that you have already sent. Your chat partner will know that the message was modified, because the message icons will turn to "Modified". To get more information, please follow the link below.
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how to highlight a chat messaget
How to highlight a chat message
To call attention to an important message, Ozeki Chat lets you highlight any message you wish. If you choose to bring out a message from the others, you could turn the background of the message red, so that the recipient will notice it easily. To get to know this feature, please follow the link below.
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how to send a file in chat
How to send a file in chat
The Ozeki Chat lets you transfer any file you want to your chat partner. It will be uploaded to a chat server and then downloaded to your partner’s computer. It is a safe and easy way of transporting files. To get to know the feature, please follow the link below.
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how to create a chage group
How to create a chat group
If you want to reach more people at once, there is no better way than a chat group. You can work together on any problem or just spread information faster. Ozeki Chat let’s you create a chat group and add anybody from you contact list. To make a chat group, please follow the step-by-step guide below.
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how to encrypt your dialog
How to encrypt your dialog
If you are sharing confidential information, you want only the recipient to have access to it. If people have access to a computer is a shared office space, anybody can read your messages with a colleague. Ozeki Chat presents a solution for that, by encrypting your messages. It means only the person with the password can have access to your data in the chat panel. To learn how to encrypt your messages, please follow the link below.
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