Ozeki Chat brings you secure, private communication with your own chat server in your office. Keep your messages safe, and let no 3rd party be involved.

Ozeki Chat

Community Edition

Install the free version of Ozeki Chat to create a communication hub for your organization. All you need is a Windows PC that will run the chat server.


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Ozeki Chat

Business Edition

Be more productive, use AI suggestions, translation, use API integration and enjoy the luxory of business class services.

$5 / user / month

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Reseller Edition

Build your business by reselling Ozeki Chat to your clients. Add value added marketing services and collect recurring revenue.

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On-premises chat system

Setup your own chat system and replace those on-line chat services that you have no control over. This system will give you the ability to take full control of your chat infrastructure. Your on premise chat server(s) will give you the ability to control which devices are allowed to connect, you can manage your users and the overall commincation in your organization. Most importatntly your communication will be safe.

Text messages
File messages
Delivery reports
Availabiltiy info


In your organization you will install many chat clients and a small number of chat servers. Click on the green button to download the chat client, and the red button to download the chat server. Clients do not require a license code. They can be installed freely. There is a free two-week trial for the chat server. Following this period, you need to purchase a license code.

Setup your chat server

If you are an chat service provider, who wants to offer chat client connectivity to customers, or if you are the IT manager of an organization, and you wish to provide chat service to developers or office users, you will like Ozeki Chat because it offers all the tools you need to launch and operate an chat service reliably and efficiently. Check out the information below. These pages offer information on how to provide chat services.

The first task you will do after installing Ozeki Chat, is setting up chat message system. Next you will likely create user accounts our you will create an API access for software developers. Finally you will setup reporting to keep track of mnessages and to control the user activity in your service and devices.

Send chat messages from applications

The best way to build a business is to rely on software instead of human work. Your automated software solutions will work precisely and reliable 24/7. Check out the following options offered for software developers by Ozeki Chat System. Developers can use these APIs to integrate chat functionality into your applications, to make day-to-day operations more efficient.

Chat message APIs for developers
Send chat message using HTTP

Send/receive chat messages from a database

Common way to use relational database systems to store of the company data and the enterprise communication systems work with databases using SQL. Ozeki Chat software provides an easy way to create chat functionality if you use a database. All you have to do is setup two database tables: one for sending chat messages and another for receiving chat messages, and let Ozeki Chat pick up the chat messages to send using an SQL SELECT statement, and insert the incoming chat messages using an SQL INSERT statement. More information about such a setup can be found in our SQL to Chat setup guide. Database server specific configurations are listed below.

how to send chat message using database

SQL to chat messages configurations:

Send Chat message from Microsoft SQL Server
Send Chat message from Microsoft Access
Send Chat message from Oracle
Send Chat message from MySQL
Send Chat message from PostgreSQL

Send chat messages from Excel

Office users wish to use simple tools they are already familiar with and tools that already contain the data they work with. Such tools are Microsoft Excel, Access and E-mail. The following links help you provide tools for your Office users to make it easy for them to send and receive chat message from the office PC's. You can send chat messages from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, you can create Txt files with a list of chat users and messages text or you can use an Email to Chat message configuration.

how to send chat message from ms excel 365

Send/receive e-mails from your chat client

Sending and receiving chat messages using e-mail is a popular choice, because it is simple. Users can use their existing e-mail software and they don't have to learn about the user interface of a new application. It is also great, because existing IT systems, that send e-mail notifications, can very easily can be configured to send chat message notifications.

If you wish to send and receive chat message using e-mail, you can use Ozeki Chat. It can be configured to download E-mail messages from an e-mail address and it to can filter and send the appropriate e-mails as chat message. It can also forward chat messages as e-mail. If an incoming chat message comes in, it will connect to your E-mail sever as an SMTP client and pass the messages to it through the standard SMTP protocol.

Read more about how to setup E-mail to chat message forwarding using POP3 and SMTP client.

ozeki email to chat client software

More information

Feature list

Check out the amazing feature of this super samera recorder software. Learn about recoring and viewing option and computer vision features.

System requirements

Find out the software and hardware requirements. In short you need a windows PC with an up to date processor and sufficient RAM.

PDF order form

You can download and fill out this form and send it to us in e-mail to info@ozeki.hu to start your purchase.

PDF Guide

You can download the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway Product Guide (151 MB) and read about the SMS communication software.

Installation guide

how to setup ozeki on windows

How to install

Check out this step by step installation guide. It will show you how you can install this Ozeki product using the Ozeki app store.
how to set admin password

Create admin password

This guide provides you information about how you can create a password for your admin account.
how to activate ozeki product

Product activation

In this guide, you can learn about how you can activate your Ozeki 10 product with the purchased serial number.

Developers guide

how to send chat message using SQL database

Chat message from/to Database

Learn about, how you can connect Ozeki Chat Server to a selected database server. Select from many of the supported database servers.
how to use http chat message api

HTTP chat message API

The HTTP API provides flexibility and simplicity to help developers in productivity and be able to add chat message functionality to any project.
how to use php chat message api

PHP chat message API

By following this guide, you will be able to learn about how you can use Ozeki PHP chat message API into your messaging solution.
how to use c# chat message api

C# chat message API

Learn about how you can connect C# codes to Ozeki Chat Server and use them to send and receive messages. Demo projects included to demonstrate how to start your solution.
how to use vb.net chat message api

VB.NET chat message API

This guide helps you to learn how to manage chat messages using Visual Basic.NET applications.


how create a standard chat user account

Standard User

With Ozeki Chat Standard user you can log in to the grafical user interface and you are able to send and receive chat messages. And you can investigate the details of the delivery of the message.
autoreply chat messages

Autoreply Chat

Ozeki Chat Server has 3 type of Autoreply Users which are used for automatically replying chat messages or forwarding them to any recipient.
e-mail to chat

Email to Chat Client

Ozeki Chat enables you to setup email to Chat Client forwarding. You can connect email clients, such as Windows Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird directly, or you can use IMAP, POP3 or SMTP with your email servers.
how to send chat messages from txt files

Chat from/to File

Ozeki Chat Server's File User is capable to send and receive chat messages in different file formats. Your application can place these files in proper directories to send chat messages.
how to send chat messages from an ftp server

Chat from/to FTP

Ozeki Chat Server's FTP to Chat User can synchronize directories with Chat Server through standard FTP, FTPS or SFTP protocols.
how to use chat messages modem

Application starter

Ozeki Chat Server's Application Starter User can run any process or application in case an chat message arrives. You simply need to provide the file path.
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