Quick Start Guide - Chat Server

Chatting is a great and efficient way to keep in touch with your friends or colleagues. Expecially, when you can do it using your own chat server. In this guide you will learn how you can set up chat server add several users to that by using Ozeki 10 Chat Server application.

Figure 1 - Look how simply you can chat from different devices


PCs or smartphones: To be able to use the functions of the chat server you need users who can connect to it. These users have to use different devices to chat with each other.

Ozeki 10: The Chat Server application is part of the Ozeki 10 platform. You can download Ozeki Chat Server directly(http://www.ozeki.hu/index.php?owpn=5469), and install to your computer in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Chat Server application

After you installed Ozeki Chat Server, by clicking on its icon on the desktop you can open it in your web browser. At the first opening you need to login as Figure 2 shows. Here, you need to enter the user credentials you have provided during the installation.

Figure 2 - Logging into Ozeki Chat Server

By default, you can't find the the Chat Server application on the desktop, so you can open it by clicking on the Start button, select Programs, Messaging and at last, the Chat Server (Figure 3). But if you drag the icon of the Chat Server application, you can simply drop it to the desktop.

Figure 3 - You can reach Chat Server from the Start menu

Step 2: Create a chat server

The creation of the chat server is quite simple here, after you opened Chat Server, just click on Create new Chat Domain button. After that you just have to enter the domain name of the chat server, where the users will have to connect to. You can see an example on Figure 4, but you can enter the name of your domain. Finally you just need to click OK.

Figure 4 - Create chat server with the domain name you want

Step 3: Add users to your chat server

Now, with the activated chat server, now your system is ready to be filled up with users. To do that, you just have to select the Users menu as Figure 5 demonstrates it. In this menu, to create a new user, just click on the Create new Chat User button, and the creation panel will appear for you.

Figure 5 - Add users to the chat server

Here, just type a Username and a Password for the user. These details will be used, when the user wants to login to the server with the Chat Client (Figure 6). If you click OK, you will be able to see the created user in the list. With Ozeki Chat Server application you can create and handle more than 1000 users. To complete this guide you only need two users.

Figure 6 - Type username, password and select the chat server

Step 4: Start to chat

When you installed Ozeki Chat Server, the icon for the Chat Client is created on your desktop, so to log in to the chat server first you need to open it. Here you just need to type the username followed by the name of the chat server domain like in Figure 7, and the password of the the user. To log in just click OK.

Figure 7 - Log in using the Chat Client

After you logged in, you can connect to the other users on the same server by clicking on the Add button (Figure 8). This will list all the users that connected to the server, and as you can see on Figure 8, you can add them to the friendlist easily by selecting the Add button. If you click on Back to friendlist now you will be able to see all your chat partners on the server (Figure 8).

Figure 8 - Add chat users to your friendlist from the same server

Now, if you click on one of the users, you can start the conversation in a chat window. In Figure 9 you can see a conversation between two users that was created to the same chat server.

Figure 9 - Real time chat conversation between two users