Ozeki Chat Developers guide

The Ozeki chat is a developer friendly and multipurpose chat tools that can be used at a corporate environment to make the information flow faster and more efficient or could be used to operate different IT systems such as a Database or manage an alarm system for your home or office. This Chat solution can be installed on your server computers or your customers’ system.

This page was designed to make software developers’ life easier and help the corporation leaders to better understand the technology behind the Chat software developed by Ozeki. With this tools, you could add communication capabilities to your IT systems using Ozeki’s built-in, ready-to-integrate Chat APIs.

This Chat software can help you transfer multiple messages to multiple addressees, by queueing the messages you wish to send, and automatically send them to the predestined location.

This software could be used to build systems based on Database Management Tools or HTTP APIs. Here we provide you step-by-step guides to connect both of those with the Ozeki Chat.

send chat messages from a database
Send chat messages from a database
This is a helpful guide, so you can easily connect Ozeki Chat server and a selected database server. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to send or receive Chat messages from a database application. A widely used method can help you to achieve this by inserting or reading data from the tables. You can also find easy configuration steps in this tutorial.
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send chat messages using an HTTP/Rest API
Send chat messages using an HTTP/Rest API
Ozeki introduced a new HTTP API in Ozeki Chat server to address the requirements of the Chat software developer community. This new HTTP API provides more features, flexibility and simplicity compared to previous versions. It was designed to help developers in productivity and to be able to add Chat functionality to any project.
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