SMS Gateway software
Ozeki brings you outstanding
SMS Gateway technology. Use our SMS Server products on Windows,Linux, or Android

Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

SMPP SMS Gateway
SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities
Ozeki Chat

Ozeki Chat Installation Guide

how to setup a chat client
How to setup a Chat Client
This guide gives you the steps to do an Offline installation of Ozeki Chat client. This information is useful if you wish to install the software into an environment where you don't have Internet access, or your corporate firewall policy prevents software to communicate with the Internet.
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how to setup an chat server
How to setup a Chat Server
This guide explains the process of setting up your Ozeki Chat server, so you can login through the Chat Client. It is easy to create your own chat domain and register your chat users. You will see how to register users and login with them using Ozeki Chat Client if you read this tutorial.
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how to crate admin password
How to create admin password
The documentation on this page is about to give you a brief description of how easily you can change the password of your Ozeki account. This operation is really crucial to keep your account safe from unwanted actions.
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product activation
Product activation
This page explains how you can activate your purchased license. To be able to use Ozeki with full functionality, you need to purchase a license, and you need to and activate it. During the purchase procedure you will receive a serial number from Ozeki in e-mail. Without activation, you can only use the software in trial mode for 7 days.
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product activation
This tutorial will guide you through the steps of completely uninstalling the Ozeki Chat software. This will make sure that no trace of the application is left on your computer. To do that, you need to perform an automatic uninstallation, where the program will be uninstalled from your computer, than you will need to manually delete some files.
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