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How to send chat messages from excel

In this guide you will learn how to use an Excel Macro to send chat messages through Ozeki Chat server.

excel to chat diagram
Figure 1 - Excel to chat diagram

Step 1.) Setup your chat server

Fist of all before you start to use the excel macro. You need to install the Ozeki chat server if you do not do it earlier. You can find the detailed instruction for the Ozeki chat server installation here: Install Ozeki Chat server

In order to use the Excel macro, you need to create an HTTP API user. During this procedure you will be able to specify a username and a password. You can use this username and password to connect to the HTTP API service of Ozeki Chat server to submit your messages. You can create a HTTP API user in the chat server yousers menu. Select the Create new Chat user button and than choose the HTTP User under the Chat servevice type (Figure 2).

add new http user
Figure 2 - Add new HTTP user

provide http user details
Figure 3 - Provide HTTP user details

Step 2.) Download the Excel macro

To be able to send chat messages from Microsoft Excel, you need to download the following sample Excel worksheets. The following zip file contains two excel files: One is an example list of phone nubmers, the other contains the Excel Macro for sending the chat messages to Ozeki Chat server.


Step 3.) Open the Excel macro

After you have downloaded and extracted the 'Excel-Chat_v2.2.0.zip' file you will find Messages.xls and Ozeki.xls excel files in it. Please open both of it.

open excel files
Figure 4 - Open Excel files

Step 4.) Enter the URL, username and password of the chat server

The Excel chat client enables you to send chat messages from Microsoft Excel. To achieve this goal, all you have to do is open two excel spread sheets: Messages.xls and Ozeki.xls. In the Ozeki.xls excel sheet you need to provide your username and password. The parameter for the network connection can be edited on this Ozeki.xls spread sheet too (Figure 4).

configure ozeki.xls
Figure 5 - Configure Ozeki.xls

Step 5.) Edit your chat messages

In the Messages.xls spread sheet, you need to fill the telephone numbers into the first column and the message text into the second column (Figure 5). When sending a Chat message, the format of the receiver is very important. The most important point you can discover is that it has two @ character in it. This is because the address is as follows: user@domain@station . In the current example, you can see that we use the % character instead of station, which means that the message will be sent to all stations of the user. So if a user is logged in on more than one device, all of them will receive the message.

messages for send
Figure 6 - Messages for send

Step 6.) Click send

In the Ozeki.xls you will also find a macro that can be started by clicking on the Send all button. This macro will connect to Ozeki Chat server over the office LAN or over the internet and will send the chat messages you have edited on the Messages.xls sheet. In "SMS Sender" window select "Messages.xls" file and click on "OK" (Figure 6).

send messages from excel
Figure 7 - Send messages from Excel

A delivery report window automatically appears that shows "Message accepted for delivery" and it contains the message ID and name of recipients (Figure 7).

messages accepted for delivery
Figure 8 - Messages accepted for delivery

Step 7.) View the chat messages in the chat window

After the messages have been sent, you are able to see that message will received in the Chat client conversation as the Figure 8 shows.

messages in chat conversation
Figure 9 - Messages in chat conversation